International technical assistance

An approach as close as possible to your needs

With long industrial experience in more than 20 countries, including China – I speak Mandarin – I know how to adapt both to local and multicultural contexts and to specific industrial configurations / organizations.

An adapted professional feedback

Depending on the problem you describe, I can combine remote work with on-site mission(s). All this results from of an accurate study coming from discussions with you, then from a complete range of services.

Availability, flexibility… worldwide

I shall do everything I can to put without delay in place: exchanges of data and technical comments via emails, video conferences, to better specify the service offer. I am also used to travel for on-site(s) mission(s), even under short notice.

Industrial performances

❝ Measuring is the first step in progress… ❞

Monitoring and benchmarking industrial performance in a company is an effective way to know the drifts and fix them quickly, and, at the same time, to have a detailed view of the day-to-day operations.

It is necessary to have an efficient reporting system, and to set up technical indices directly linked to production costs (electricity consumption for example).

I know how to give a Customer the insight they want and design the tools they need to have the most relevant dashboards to monitor and evaluate the performance of their business.

Training & Coaching

❝ Knowledge is the only thing that increases when it is shared ❞

Thanks to my operational experience of TRAINING, I can accurately draw the outlines of the needs of the Customer teams, think about the most relevant methods to meet them, and put them in place to achieve the ultimate goal of training: to change the behaviors for better efficiency.

COACHING is a personalized approach to developing or aligning skills for a target population of an organization, or even a single person. It requires having a clear vision of the starting point and the expectations of the process. Coaching can apply to operators in a central room, engineers / managers, or executives. My practical, international and multicultural experience allows me to adapt to the local context to get the best out of team members, thanks to coaching closer to their daily tasks and problems.

Both training and coaching aim to achieve a high level of autonomy for local teams, thereby contributing to motivation and financial performance.

Industrial projects

From a small project to a new production line, there are several steps a project must follow to be successful. Definition of objectives , raw materials reserves, basic design, profitability, feasibility, call for tenders, costing, contract … the entire process requires various expertise (theoretical, practical).

I have supported several new installation projects in the many phases they counted, right up to start-ups and performance tests. I can therefore be an essential player for our Client in his approach.

Specifically for Chinese engineering and equipment, I shall use all my unique expertise to facilitate the progress of your projects.


Géo-CSP : The dynamics of Sustainable Development at the service of your projects

I have already started a partnership with Géo-CSP. Géo-CSP supports mining development, mainly on international basis, in missions based on geological and environmental audits, in support of engineering companies and on behalf of institutional and private, French and European clients. These assignments generally cover the development of operating plans and raw material preparation logic, as well as the sizing of the corresponding facilities.

Logo GeoCSP

A network of experts

Especially for new projects, I am part of a network of experts in different fields to provide Customers with the best answers to their expectations. Mining engineering, thermochemical processes, equipment, civil engineering and many more. This network can also call for specific skills from time to time, for example the support of legal expertise for contracts with suppliers.